The E-FIX Project has published its Roadmap!

Published: Wednesday, 30 June 2021

The E-FIX project has finalised its Roadmap for innovative energy financing in the European Union and the Eastern Neighbourhood. As a document developed with substantial stakeholder involvement, the Roadmap presents a vision for innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects till 2030. 

It is supposed to serve as a tool for decision-makers and European stakeholders to boost the use of innovative financing instruments such as leasing, crowdfunding and energy service contracting. Relying on the experience of the partners in Armenia, Austria, Georgia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Poland who all conducted pilot campaigns, it highlights the potential these instruments have for meeting the Green Deal and other international climate objectives. 

The document is structured along the following sections: 

1. What is energy efficiency and why does it matter? 

2. What are the EU’s climate ambitious? 

3. How can energy efficiency be financed? 

4. What is the role of innovative financing mechanisms? 

5. What barriers still stand in the way of energy efficiency projects and finance? 

6. Key actors in the implementation 

7. What can be done to render energy efficiency investments more attractive? 

8. What opportunities are there related to energy efficiency? 

9. A vision for Europe to 2030 related to innovative financing for energy efficiency 

10. E-FIX Recommendations to key European stakeholders 

11. The contribution of the E-FIX project 

 You can download the Roadmap here