General assembly meeting in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Published: Tuesday, 25 September 2018

In the 7th month of the E-FIX project, the General Assembly was organized at the location of the Caucasus University Ltd. The university building overcame recently large refurbishment of part of its building, and obviously many of the topics addressed in E-FIX are relevant for them.

The first deliverables of the project are now becoming visible and were officially launched to the public – project promotion materials, incl. logo, and public website. During the meeting, a lot of attention was paid to the baseline reports (WP1) and project management Deliverables. Another key result that receives a lot of attention is the case studies for energy project financing. The case studies should show innovative approaches of financing energy projects.  

Focus is on energy efficiency but also other projects (renewable energy) can give indication of how financing mechanisms can be upgraded and transferred. There should be a link to pilot actions (WP4). Case studies will help identify potential for bilateral knowledge exchange, i.e. transfer of identified cases to other countries.

Many other topics are addressed, like the development of evaluation methods for EE projects, the E-FIX stakeholder forum is needed to efficiently gather all stakeholders’ views, and how energy simulations should be conducted.