Crowd-Power & Power for the Crowd.

Published: Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Over the past couple of years crowd funding became a well-known term and crowd investing is an already established tool for company financing on one side and part of investment strategies for investors on the other side.

While crowd funding spread quickly in the startup scene and became famous for non-profit organizations, art and cultural projects, crowd investing evolved quickly into a solid fundraising method for SMEs, real estate and energy projects as well. 

Democratization of Energy

Although renewably energy industry is facing many challenges and barriers, such as regulatory hurdles, technical challenges and the rethinking of consumer, financing is one of the main impediments to cause a change. 

Today, crowd investing provides a new and modern way to bypass third parties and provide energy as well as monetary benefits to crowd investors, which is a giant step towards the democratization of energy.

In Austria renewable energies are of great importance and, although a small county, it proves to be a progressive market – from hydroelectric power, bio, wind, and solar energy to electromobility. As a result, crowd investing for energy projects is a trending topic and well accepted by crowd investors.

GW Energy – when the sun delivers cash!

A successful finished crowd investing campaign – in a cooperation of the Austrian platforms Firstcap and CONDA – is “GW Energy”. 278 crowd investors invested a total amount of EUR 902.300, which reflects the great interest in investments in energy projects and the demand of the market.

“GW Energy” is one of the largest photovoltaic system operators in Austria and Liechtenstein with many years of experience using existing (roof) areas instead of green land. The landlord of the building those roofs are used benefits twice (contracting models) and becomes the owner at the end of the contract period.