Bilateral Master Classes

Published: Tuesday, 16 July 2019

E-FIX Project just finished the process of Bilateral Master Classes. Bilateral Master Classes represent key internal knowledge transfer activity organized on bilateral or trilateral level, in forms of expert workshops between implementing Project Partners and expert Project Partners for the respective piloted financing mechanism. They represent a way to close out the „knowledge gap” in pilot regions.

The leasing Bilateral Master Class were held on the 11th  of June 2019 in Yerevan. The purpose of the masterclass was to introduce modern, innovative financing mechanisms of energy efficient programs to the representatives of different companies engaged in the sale of solar and renewable energy equipment, energy efficient equipment in Armenia and discuss the ideas for possible new projects to be implemented and financed through leasing.

During the workshops Project Manager Andreas Karner welcomed the participants and opened the workshop by introducing the workshop background and objective. Then Karen Arabyan (representative of CCG-AM) delivered presentation on "Energy efficiency financing in Armenia: Energocredit Program". Participants received an overview on energy efficiency potential in Armenia, description of the technologies and sectors with the large potential for EE investments as well as summary on financing of EE in Armenia based on the experience from EBRD funded Energocredit Program. At the end Arsen Bazikyan (representative of ACBA Leasing) delivered presentation on Green Leasing, including: leasing as an effective instrument for EE financing, main benefits of green leasing, EE technologies and equipment and green leasing terms .

Polish and Croatian Partners held Bilateral Master Class on the 4th -5th of July 2019 in Warsaw on the topics of PPP and EPC. At the meeting representative from Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development presented Poland’s PPP platform with the focus on standardization of PPP documentation process and drafting new operational programme. REGEA representatives presented Croatia’s National PPP Programme initiative. The next day started with introduction on the overall state of art regarding condition of public lighting in Mazovian region. MAE presented two case studies of ESCO public lightening project and analyze both examples. REGEA representatives presented overview of EIB ELENA NEWLIGHT and RePubLEEc projects and Croatian experiences with various models for renovation of public lighting . The meeting ended with general discussion, conclusions and solutions for replication of Croatian EPC models in Poland and comparison of the both PPP Programmes initiatives.

The master class on crowdfunding was held on the 10th oh July. After short welcome and introductions, general overview on the concepts of Crowdfunding (CF) and Crowdinvesting (CI) were presented with the concentration on its models, benefits, examples and figures. After that work in groups started , where participants had to select a project focused on energy and discuss if CF / CI is more suitable for it. The selected projects mainly focused on solar powerplants. The groups discussed the pros and cons for each financing form, taking into consideration both the investors’ and the beneficiaries’ perspective. The meeting finished with participants summing  up the main learning.


Bilateral Masterclasses

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