Evaluation Methods

E-FIX has developed a catalogue of evaluation methods for the systemic assessment of sustainable energy projects. This is an instrument, which can be used by energy and financing experts when trying to select suitable projects. It contains evaluation methods and feasibility criteria for energy investments. At the same time, it takes into account country-level differences in terms of investment costs, energy prices and current capital.

The Catalogue

The Catalogue and the Guide

E-FIX also has developed Energy Financing Standard for National and Transnational Energy Efficiency Financing to map and analyze the energy and financial reporting criteria, needed to define common standards for financing of energy projects, with focus on maximized investment security for investors and project developers environment and social impact, as a technical part of the E-FIX Toolbox.
The quality criteria catalogue, with focus on alternative and innovative financing sources and financial feasibility of energy projects, is providing a “Project Description” template together with a granular technical and financial criteria description, also an evaluation tool (refer to separate Excel calculation file) of the proposed criteria.
Considered as an evaluation tool, it contains a project description template structured in compulsory and additional optional information, capturing general, technical and financial parameters but also environmental and social issues, creating a unitary presentation form for analyzed energy projects. Using the features from the project description template the user can easily select the necessary data for input in the calculation file.
The goal of the evaluation tool is not only to have an evaluated value for the project, it is to provide also evaluated values for the different financing mechanisms, Leasing / EPC / Crowdfunding using the E-FIX approach. For this, the tool has a calculation matrix that automatically generates value points of the impact for each defined quality criteria in using a specific financing mechanism for the energy efficiency or renewable energy project that is analyze

Energy Financing Standard for National and Transnational Energy Efficiency Financing

Quality Criteria Assessment