First Ambassador training in Poland

Published: Tuesday, 18 February 2020

The 1st Ambassador training in Poland took place on February 5th, 2020 in Warsaw. Attenders came mainly from public authorities, SMEs in sector of energy and financing and local sectoral agencies.

Bartosz Dubiński (MAE) welcomed participants and shortly presented agenda for the day. The next session was presented by Aleksandra Luks (MAE) who gave an introduction to energy planning, its priorities and importance.

After this, representatives from IPOPEMA Jakub Menin and Przemysław Gorgol started their presentations. 

Firstly, Jakub Menin presented project E-FIX, its main results and upcoming activities. He pointed out opportunities for new investments in the framework of the project and the added value of the ambassador platform. After that he presented the EU budget 2021-2027 new pperspective assumptions, conditions, goals and budget estimation and its support for innovative energy projects -. Later Przemysław Gorgol explain the main definition of EPC, its construction, types, barriers and opportunities in Poland. After that he presented  case study of the thermomodernisation project in Parysów municipality. The next session focused on ELENA initiative and how it can be a support for innovative financing methods, especially EPC. During this session there were also presented good practice from Croatia.

Finally, Arkadiusz Piotrowski (MAE) presented energy loan – project coordinated by Mazovia Energy Agency - loans for projects in the field of comprehensive energy modernization of residential and public buildings available under measure 4.2 Energy efficiency.

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