Second Ambassador Training in Poland

Published: Monday, 22 February 2021

The 2nd  Ambassador training in Poland took place on February 18th, 2021 online. Around 30 attenders came mainly from public authorities, SMEs in sector of energy and financing and local sectoral agencies. Bartosz Dubiński (MAE) welcomed participants and shortly presented agenda for the day. 

The next session was presented by Jakub Menin (IPOPEMA) who gave an introduction to EPC financing mechanism, its priorities and barriers. Next session was presented by Rafał Cieślak (Legal Advisor's Office Dr. Rafał Cieślak) and focused on Implementation of EPC projects under the Public-Private Partnership scheme. After those presentations the lecture session began on the main subject of Mechanisms co-financing energy efficiency projects.

Firstly, Marek Pszonka (MAE) presented ELENA project its main objectives and upcoming activities in Mazovia Region. Sylwia Słomiak (European City Facility) presented European City Facility - initiative to support municipalities, local authorities and their groupings across Europe to develop investment concepts to accelerate investments in sustainable energy.

The last session focused on National Reconstruction Program its objective, rules and key terms. Finally, all presenters answered audiences questions. 


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