Second Ambassador Training in Georgia

Published: Monday, 29 March 2021

The training was opened by Irena Melua and George Jgharkava. They welcomed the project ambassadors and stakeholders and thanked them for attending the second training and stakeholder meeting.  After that Irena Melua  delivered  presentation and introduced the project goals, objectives,  consortium and main deliverables. Vakhtang Berishvili and Murad Kharaishvili delivered a presentation about Energy Efficiency Opportunities. Trainers explained the Energy Efficiency itself and discussed its role in the business development.  Next session focused on leasing.. Trainers defined leasing itself as a process, discussed it's advantages. They have  also made a short overview of Georgian background in the energy context. Murad Kharaishvili and Vakhtang Berishvili provided the information about the applicable technologies and projects available through Georgian Leasing Company, such as : construction equipment and machineries, transport for logistic companies . George Jgharkava delivered a presentation about Energy Efficient Machinery, Dairylicious and new cases on Construction machinery of Georgian Leasing Company related to Leasing.

After a short break, Irena Melua opened a stakeholder session and introduced the session goal.


Giorgi Zurashvili presented and discussed the Action Plan developed in the frames of project E-Fix. He went through the tasks and activities according to certain criterions and time frames. He mentioned three main objectives indicated in the AP, such as: establishment of Competence Center and substantial staff capacities to identify and improve energy/resource efficient investments, ability to calculate and report generated savings and their effect on the financial stability of the investment and finally, increase awareness of EE/RE technologies and services among local vendors and suppliers. He moderated the discussion with the participation of the participants related the Action Plan. Vakhtang Berishvili and Murad Kharaishvili presented the Roadmap for innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy financing in the EU and in the Eastern neighbourhood. The following presentation consisted with the list of specific recommendations to key actors.  Presentations were followed by Q&A Session. Irena Melua swapped up the sessions and provided information regarding the evaluation form and filling instructions.