Third Ambassador Training in Croatia

Published: Wednesday, 26 May 2021

REGEA and ZICER have completed training cycle with third Ambassador training

At the beginning of the workshop, after the introduction and welcoming speech, the presentation of the main E-FIX results was held. Besides the main results, presentation also consisted of general overview of the project as well as all the available documents and deliverables on the Ambassadors platform.


Second presentation was dedicated to the Action plan plan for sustainable roll-out of financing mechanisms for Republic of Croatia and consisted of following topics: intorduction, objectives, activities for Action plan implementation, measuring success of implementation, implementation strategy, collaboration with stakeholders and monitoring strategy.

Last presentation was dedicated to ESC concept and good practice examples for renewable energy. The topics included were related to green energy transition, Green Deal, two ESC concepts (PVs and biomass boilers) with two good practice examples for these concepts. 

The discussion in the end of the workshop was focused on additional questions on the direction of the Action plan regarding EPC/ESC sectors (buildings and public lighting) and addtitional inquiries on how the ESC concepts presented really work in real life environment and what are the possible risks for the investors.

3rd AMB training