E-FIX 2nd webinar

Published: Tuesday, 25 May 2021

2nd webinar titled “E-FIX Case studies” organized by Mazovia Energy Agency was held on the 21st of May 9:00 -10:20 on TEAMS. The webinar focused entirely on E-FIX national case studies.  Webinar started with general overview of E-FIX and it results . Then Project Partners presented their most successful and also most challenging case studies and lessons learnt.

Ani H. Tadevosyan (ACBA) from Armenia presented leasing project called ROSE FIELD - Modern green house for Roses, Tijana Šimek (REGEA) from Croatia presented two case study one focused on crowdfunding called Sustainable mobility for Krugovi NGO and one focused on EPC PV plant on General hospital Zabok, Jan Jares (Ekoport) from Czech Republica also presented two crowdfunding case studies Reconstruction of the family care house of Centre of Christian Help Krabčice (Horní Řepčice) and Reconstruction of the building of Centre of Christian Help in Litoměřice, George Jgarkava (GLC) from Georgia presented leasing case studies involving  contraction machinery, Marek Pszonka (MAE) from Poland presented EPC case study called Modernization of the power supply in KOMR facilities - from oil heating to natural gas cogeneration unit. At the end of the meeting participants were able to ask question and discuss.


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