Catalogue of evaluation methods for sustainable energy projects

The second phase of E-FIX project focus on capacity building – which contains organizing  trainings in the partner countries and development of an E-FIX Toolbox for the preparation of project ideas and their financing. In this phase our first report is: D2.1 Catalogue of evaluation methods for the systematic assessment of sustainable energy projects as technical part of the E-FIX Toolbox.

A standardized and systematic evaluation of potential energy projects is the basis for an accurate assessment of the financial feasibility of a sustainable energy project. This document contains compile evaluation methods and feasibility criteria for energy investments. The catalogue consider territorial differences in investment costs, energy prices and current capital costs and analyze the respective influence on financing options. The catalogue was a big part of the internal train-the-trainer seminars (T2.3).

D2.1 The Catalogue

D2.1 The Catalogue and the Guide