The E-FIX Toolbox represents a one-stop tool-set for investors, intermediary service providers and energy project developers to come to feasible and sustainable solutions for the realisation of energy projects. It will support current and future E-FIX Ambassadors as well as project developers allowing them to:

  • identify investment needs in their region/area of activity considering existing financing practices as well as complementing support mechanisms,
  • evaluate the financial feasibility of energy projects using a catalogue of standardised evaluation and quality criteria,
  • assess barriers with regard to innovative financing mechanisms in the given regulatory framework and provide countermeasures, 
  • match energy project investments with innovative financing mechanisms considering high investment security forinvestors and low capital costs for project owners.

Within the E-FIX Toolbox you will get access to the E-FIX trainings materials in 6 partner languages plus in English, E-FIX Catalogue of evaluation methods for sustainable energy projects and E-FIX Standards for innovative energy financing mechanisms.

To learn more about E-FIX Toolbox, check prepared Manual for Self-Directed Use