First Ambassador Training in Georgia!

Published: Sunday, 20 October 2019

On the 20.09.2019 Georgian Partner held its first Ambassador Training. During the meeting Irena Melua a Director of International Relations and Projects Department at Caucasus University opened the training session with welcome speech and then presented the main objectives, missions and importance of project E-Fix in development of energy sector in Georgia. She described the roles and importance of E-Fix ambassadors in the frames of the project.


Vakhtang Berishvili a representative of Caucasus University and Murad Kharaishvili, a representative of Energy Investment Consultants Ltd (EIC) delivered information about the energy efficiency. Vakhtang Berishvili delivered presentation about the leasing specialist module concept, defined the module as the way of standardized and systematic evaluation of potential energy products. It is quite practical and relevant in terms of increasing the incentives for different possibilities. Murad Kharaishvili and Vakhtang Berishvili presented financial decision-making tools. Leasing modules are based several concepts, such as NPV (discounted value) and IRR (internal rate of return) along with SPB.

Ilia Gengashvili a head of Asset Management and Monitoring at Georgian Leasing Company focused on analyzing and explaining about the Energy Efficiency Investments and outcomes for the company and whole society. Studying the following module prepare professionals to have proficient awareness about leasing and utilization, a professional be able to differ the forms of leasing, have been able to make a right choice between the options leasing and purchasing certain products.

Meeting ended up with presentation made by Murad Kharaishvili and Vakhtang Berishvili where they introduced several Case Studies of Energy Efficiency Leasing and discussed the way of reducing the cost and receiving the same amount of energy production. Each case study was discussed in small groups and later presented to the whole audience. One of the case studies was related to energy saving in a road construction companies. Another more comprehensive cae, Dairylicious, was analyzed in details. During this activity experts answered all the questions asked by the stakeholders.